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A work ethic fueled by its technical and strategic modern leadership. With our deep-rooted and significant experiences, Dromos believes it is necessary to adopt tools and strategies as our forefront to very high quality materials and more significantly, our people.


Dromos controllo qualita


As it relates to our human resources, we believe that everybody is important in the production process, everyone in our group is autonomous and responsible for his/her part, and everyone contributes to the collective expertise and ultimate goal. The alliances that we have formed with our business and supply partners combined with our most valuable asset, our people, have resulted in a complete organization founded on the deep rooted professional respect to the quality of life for our members.



Dromos’ way of thinking is based on four distinctive elements:

  1. Problem solving ability, risen from a long and continuous cohesive group, however most important, partnerships with our customers.
  2. Principle of quality at all levels: Materials, Design, Tools, Human Resources, Collaborations and Product Performance.
  3. High level of performing services and high quality standards
  4. Strong Culture of innovation, to propose reliable and highly qualified technological solutions for our customers.


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