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Special trasmissions for off highway and railway vehicles

Dromos s.r.l. designs and manufactures customized power driveline transmissions for off-highway – agricultural, industrial and forestry – vehicles and railway vehicles. Since more than 30 years, Dromos s.r.l. is manufacturing mechanical transmissions such as rigid or steering drive axles with planetary wheel hubs, rigid or steering adjustable drive axles with planetary wheel hubs, portal drive axles with normal or planetary wheel hubs, railway axle bevel gearboxes, railway axle parallel input gearboxes, railway drive axles for special purposes or road-rail conversions, one or two speed gearboxes with differential, reversing gearboxes.

A company focused on design, innovation and problem solving.

Dromos s.r.l. is a team of mechanical engineers, project managers and technicians who were able to build a working pattern based on technological innovation, customization and high level of performances. Our method emerges from a 30-years-experience, consolidated throughout the years in a territory where applied mechanics is work and passion.

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