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Welcome to Dromos s.r.l.

Founded in 1986, Dromos s.r.l. has provided its customers with the expertise of a skilful technical staff with a long and consolidated experience in the study and production of power driveline transmissions.

Dromos s.r.l. is specialized in the project and manufacturing of products like:

planetary rigid drive axles - planetary steering drive axles - portal drive axles with normal or planetary wheel drives - railway axle bevel gear boxes - railway axle parallel input gear boxes - railway drive axles for special or rail/road applications – one or more ratios transfer gear boxes with differential - reversing gear boxes - planetary hubs with one or more stage reduction.

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DROMOS s.r.l.   Via Guido Rossa, 7 - loc. Monteveglio - 40053  Valsamoggia (BO) Italy - Tel. +39 051 830600 - P.IVA IT00639661206