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Rigid or steering track adjustable axles with planetary wheel hubs

track adjustable steering drive axle with drive shaft input flange

Technical features:

  • wheel hub centering diameter Ø 280 mm
  • ratio
    • i= 16,36
  • pneumatically controlled differential with mechanical locking
  • static load capacity: 200 kN
  • dynamic load capacity: 145 kN at 64 km/h
  • intermittent output torque: 7300 daNm
  • continuous output torque: 3650 daNm

Possible configuration with:

  • pneumatically controlled drum brakes for service braking and optional parking braking with the possibility to extend the service and parking control through a patented system ensuring a smaller turning radius in the 4 wheel steering vehicle configurations
  • track adjustable during driving through a patented system, with possible variation on endless positions in the flange to flange configurations between min 2590,6 mm and max 2895,6 mm (narrow version) and in the flange to flange configurations between min 3175 mm and max 3937 mm (wide version)